Technology and Being Social

I feel that everything and everyone is in back-to-school mode. I went to the store the other day, fairly early in the morning, and was amazed at the crush of parents and students stocking up on supplies for the school year. And all I wanted was a pack of Post-it notes! So in the vein of back-to-school, here is today’s round-up:

This is a very interesting article from USA Today, “Are social networks making students more narcissistic?” I don’t know if social networks are to blame for an uptick in narcissism, if there is actually one. But I do think that social networks often do encourage oversharing and way too much information! Definitely take the narcissism quiz. It provides some points to think about and a very rough idea of how narcissistic you are.

For something not about narcissism, but about being social, check out The Shifted Librarian’s post on another reason for libraries to make their sites social. The Mobile Revolution is here. I just wish blogs hosted by WordPress could have the plug-in. Sigh.

And something that might help you if you are looking for places to host your videos: Lifehacker’s 5 best video sharing sites. This is great for those of us who teach classes online and also for students that have to post videos for their classes. Not to mention, just some great sites to check out for new videos to watch when you need that all important study break.

Have a great day!