EBLIP 5 Overview

View of Stockholm

View of Stockholm


Hej (hi) from Stockholm, Sweden! The EBLIP 5 Conference is being held in Stockholm this week. It is a great conference and a wonderful international look at evidence based library and information practice. I will have session summaries later, but just wanted to update on a few ideas.

Information literacy has been a huge theme here at the conference. It has been great to hear about what other librarians are doing at their libraries and universities. We had a great discussion about assessment as well.

Knowledge management is also a huge, hot topic at the conference. It is a good fit with librarianship and EBP (evidence based practice) in general. I will definitely have to look into this more.

So more later, lots more about the research sessions and the keynotes. I just have to say that Stockholm is a great place to hold a conference and everyone has been so friendly and sharing.

More later from the Waki Librarian.