Energy and Productivity

I’m pretty sure that all of my students have Spring Fever. They seem ready for summer, and they aren’t the only ones. I’m definitely ready for the quarter to be over too. And when spring hits, I always feel the need to do spring cleaning and with the days getting longer (well, technically they are still 24 hours long, but we get more sunlight each day so to me they are longer), I feel like I should be accomplishing more–both at the library and at home. In that spirit, here are a few helpful posts about getting more energy and getting things done.

This is a wonderful article on 55 Ways to get more Energy. These suggestions will hopefully help you get more energy throughout the day and be able to work (and play) more efficiently. Though I have to say I found the fact that the smell of lavender is supposed to wake you up hilarious–mainly because lavender makes me fall asleep. But luckily there are 54 other tips for me to try!

So now that you have more energy, you might just get the bug to do some spring cleaning. If so, then this article on how to organize rooms more efficiently is for you. I think the same advice would help with cleaning my office at work. I wonder how to transfer this advice into the computer realm so I might finally get around to organizing the files on my hard drive.

Do you know what your learning style is? If not you might want to check out these posts on learning styles and organization. Knowing your learning style doesn’t just help you learn more effectively, it can also help you organize your tasks, time and work. Anything, within reason, to help me get more organized is appreciated.

And now, with all this new energy and organizational skills, you will have more time to play and learn cool technology tools. Organizational tools for the win.

Have a great day and the Waki Librarian will be back soon with more library, technology and productivity fun.