Writing & Communication

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time every day writing. Now, most of the stuff I write isn’t creative writing or even writing for publication, but it is writing. All of spend inordinate amounts of time writing emails, Tweeting, IM-ing, blogging and composing memos. Writing is a part of our daily life and is all about communicating–one of the key parts of human life. So this post is about, more or less, writing and communicating.

By now I think my utter love of Lifehacker is apparent, but how can one not love Lifehacker when they have great lists like the five best journaling tools. Because sometimes, you don’t want to share your life with the world and you just want your thoughts for yourself, it is important to have a place to journal. I also love the fact that good, old-fashioned, analog pen and paper completely slaughtered the competition.

Another blog that I’ve just started following is Manage Your Writing. I quite like it so far and there have been a number of useful tips and posts. I like this slightly older post on writing to persuade. Every time we write, we are writing to persuade someone about something, even if it is only to go to the restaurant we want to go to at lunch. So using these tips in your writing might not only make your writing more powerful and persuasive, you might even get more done. And I love getting things done. As The Cult of Done Manifesto says, “Done is the engine of more.”

I also quite like this article on WikiHow on how to stop dealing with someone else’s lateness. I have to say one of my pet peeves is waiting for other people because they are late. I completely agree with this article that it is disrespectful to be continually late. I hope that this article can help you if you are dealing with people who run late. Plus, not waiting around for late people will allow you time to get more done and that’s always a good thing.

And, just because I can’t end a post without something fun, take a look over at xkcd’s comic on philosophy.

Have a great day.