The library today is filled to the gills with people–not surprising considering this is the last week before finals. So in honor of that fact, I thought it would be appropriate to share some articles written about college life and reading habits.

First up is this article from the Washington Post about students’ reading habits. The author seems to bemoan the reading choices of today’s college students. This just reminds me of Betty Rosenberg’s quote, “Never apologize for your reading tastes.” I always hate getting into arguments that try to classify some books and reading materials as “inferior.” My opinion is, at least they are reading. And honestly, I don’t think we should make anyone feel bad about his/her reading preferences. I have to say that I have no desire to read depressing literature right now or so-called serious literature all the time.

Or at least if students are able to read a book they are probably not the ones discussed in this article on drinking habits of college freshmen. While, obviously, this research does not take into account all factors and definitely needs further investigating, seeing even a preliminary study showing that first year students are spending more time drinking than studying is slightly disheartening.

The most interesting part of this article, in my opinion, is the fact that Gwendolyn Jordan Dungy, executive direct or of NASPA — Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education was surprised at these findings because “because most literature describes the millennial generation as responsible, close to parents, focused on their careers and dedicated to service.” This just reminds me of the talk that millennials are so tech-savvy and forgetting the massive digital divide that exists not only in this country but around the world. I think a lot of people would be less surprised by findings such as this if they left the ivory tower and actually walked around where students congregate. Now the question is, how do you get students to spend more time on their studies and less time playing beer pong? Don’t forget to read the comments to this article–many bring up very important issues and some are just hilarious.

Because we simply can’t leave off on such a depressing thought, here is a great list of ridiculous reasons given for trying to ban books. I think it is ridiculous, period, to ban books, but this is list shows just how far people will try to reach to ban a book.

This is the Waki Librarian signing off. More library and tech stuff coming soon. Remember, reading rocks! Enjoy the rest of your day.