I’m always looking for gadgets, applications and add-ons that allow me to work more efficiently. If I have to be in front of a computer for almost a 1/3 of my day, I at least want to have my time spent wisely.

For those of us who are forced to use Outlook, here is a Lifehacker article on the Top 10 Outlook Boosters. If we can’t use Gmail, at least this makes Outlook a little easier and more convenient to use.

Do you use Google Docs? I like Google Docs for collaborative writing and editing. So if you also use Google Docs, check out Wired’s wiki on how to get more out of Google Docs.

Like I tell my students, you want to learn how to work faster, smarter, more efficiently and more effectively so you spend less time on work and more time doing whatever else you’d rather be doing!

More on Friday, hopefully.