Friday Random Fun Stuff

Happy Friday! It’s almost the weekend, but first I have a few random, fun and hopefully helpful resources for you and your other library buddies. Fridays should be fun and slightly random, or else how would we get ready for the weekend?

So as you know, faithful reader, I also do podcasts of workshops I lead. Well, I have to say, I would love this podcast set-up. Basically, as Wired says, it is a studio in a box for podcasting. I bet my audio would sound better with this. So if you want to get into podcasting, here is your chance. And just to let you know, Audacity really doesn’t crash that much, but save a lot you know, just in case.

I am always looking for ways to keep organized, so I am very happy with this article on eight ways to keep your office clutter free. This is a constant challenge that I think everyone struggles with at some point. And I just love the fact that one of the suggestions is to create and keep a records retention policy! Records managers for the win on this one!

And who doesn’t like free stuff? Well, here is your freebie for Friday: an audiobook copy of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from Audible. Yup, completely free. Don’t you just love it?

And last, but certainly not least, here is, a website that helps you find places to eat for under $10. I know this will be of great interest of anyone looking to save money, but especially all the starving grad students out there. And, yes, you can join the site and start adding your own opinions and restaurants you like.

So that is all I have for on this rainy Friday. Have an awesome weekend! Now, stop staring at your computer and go read (or listen) to a book!

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