Some Great Technology for Friday

Okay, here it is, more love from Lifehacker for a Friday. Yes, some random stuff, but also some great tips for making technology work for you. Yes, I heart Lifehacker.

First, for the random, here is the great 40 Inspiration Speeches in 2 minutes YouTube video. Watch it and see just how many of these movies you know.

Here is Lifehacker’s Most Popular How To Features of 2008. I love tutorials and how to posts. This one is great, especially for all you Mac lovers out there–iPods and iPhones make multiple appearances on the list.

Chrome has left the building. No, actually Chrome has just officially left beta. Too cool. I love the Google Chrome browser–it is fast, sleek and the tabs rock. Oh, yeah, this article offers tips and tricks for getting the most out of Chrome too.

Love this (also found through Lifehacker) but here is the original post: The Ultimate Social Media Etiquette Handbook. Check this out to make sure you aren’t committing a faux pas on a social networking site.

And last, but certainly not least, How to Save Time during the Holidays. Great tips for saving time as everyone is so busy during the holiday season.

Speaking of which, everyone have a great time getting ready for the holidays and a lovely weekend. This has been your Waki Librarian info for the day. Now go forth and geek well and support your local library.