Connecting Generations

So maybe I am just fixated on communication at the moment, or it might because I am prepping for my class on information and society, but all I can think about at the moment is how we can use technology to help others and create communities. Like my post on humanity, this is a call to use technology to come together and build understanding.

Now, I’m not sure if I agree with all of this, but you really should check out this video (thanks to Tame the Web blog for pointing it out):

So, how are we going to bring together these generations? What does it mean for the library and library profession? How do we connect?

I think reaching out into online communities, getting student liaisons for the library to talk with other students and always looking for ways to innovate in the library are great starting points. But we cannot forget that our greatest assets are not our technological ones, but our human traits and qualities. I still firmly believe that being friendly and helpful will connect us to others and keep the library at the center of the community.

So, what do you think?