Day 1 Wrap-up:IL 2008

Overall, great presentations and great ideas for using Web 2.0 widgets on library website

Most ironic part of the day: horrible wireless access and we are at Internet Librarian! Wireless connection kept dropping, would not work in some places and basically was incredibly disappointing as I wanted to blog live from the conference sessions.

Best presentation: Tie: Search Widgets & Gadgets for Libraries–great ideas for making Google gadgets for the library in order to get library resources out into the environments that our users are comfortable in. Audio & Video for Libraryes–great presentation, awesome slides and examples, plus the wireless was finally working and I was able to upload all my notes to the blog! Yahoo!

Worst Presentation: I’m not a negative person and props to everyone to presenting. But please, please, please test your PowerPoint Slides before the presentation because it is so annoying to not be able to see the writing or images on the slides. Oh, and try to be dynamic when you are speaking or at least sound like you are confident ’cause you know your stuff! 🙂

Can’t wait for Day 2! And I have so much stuff to do when I get back to work!