Chris Crutcher

I love, love, love this reply that Chris Crutcher wrote to a man who is trying to get Crutcher’s books banned at a school. Sheer eloquence and never once does Crutcher resort to nastiness. He just lays out his argument and, as my mother would say, takes Mark off at the knees but in a Miss Manners-like way so he had no clue until way after the fact.

Check out the article here on Stonewall News.

Oh, and this post is also a shout-out to Mary Boutet, a huge Chris Crutcher fan and future librarian and her mother, Nancy, who is one of the coolest librarians ever.

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  1. Chris Crutcher is the MAN! Chris has many eloquent responses like this one at his website as well ( Diana is pretty cool herself 😉

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