Voting, who Cares about Voting?

Alright, so the post title might seem like it has nothing to do with information literacy, teaching, libraries, anything else I actually said I would discuss on this blog, etc. But actually, voting has everything to do with the mission of getting out information, empowering students and just trying to change the world.

This is an awesome, star-studded video talking about voting in a way that is sure to catch the attention of even the most apathetic student. Seriously, share it with all. And it is not too late to register to vote in California. Oh, and thanks to Judith for the link and agreeing that it makes a great discussion point for any talk about information and power.

After you are done watching this video, check out the Absentee Voter Guide from Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. It is an interactive map with information on what is needed to vote absentee and links to all the forms necessary plus deadlines for applying.

Now you have no excuse–you can now rock the vote. And look–application of information literacy to current events and real life outside the classroom!

One thought on “Voting, who Cares about Voting?

  1. I agree that this is an “awesome” video. Ellen DeGeneres had Leonardo DiCaprio on her talk show yesterday and they debuted it on television. I just hope that those who register and vote will vote for the correct/my candidate: Obama!

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