Tuesday Fun

Happy Tuesday, dear readers! I hope your week is going well. Today I just wanted to share a couple of links to some lovely, old-fashioned typewriter and typography fun. When I’m not in the library or archives, I love to work on design and letterpress projects. So it is probably no surprise that I’m sharing these resources with you today.

Although I’m the first to admit that I love word processing on a computer, there is something satisfying about the design of old typewriters that I don’t feel when I’m looking at a computer, no matter how well-designed. So I wanted to share this lovely site that has lots of photos of Antique Typewriters. No wonder some artists are recreating some of these very steampunk-esque looks for computer keyboards.

Also, who doesn’t like a good font? Use of a great typeface in a poster, handout, or website is a beautiful thing, while a poor use is often baffling. So go over to the lovely I Love Typography website to take a look at this week in fonts.

If you have favorite typography and/or design sites or resources, I’d love to hear about them in comments.

Have a wonderful day and week. I’ll be back on Friday. Allons-y!