Tips on a Monday

Hello, dear readers! I hope your Monday is going well. I just thought I’d share some quick tips and information that have come across my feeds that may be of interest today.

First, if you are like me (or most people, I’d imagine), Mondays can be stressful as you try to get back into the flow at work and organize yourself for the coming week. All of that can lead to stress and as we know, too much stress is a bad thing. Luckily for us Lifehacker has a lovely post on the top 10 instant stress busters. A good, quick read packed with usable tips.

If you need a bit of quirky fun and a short break, check out the lovely round-up of Doctor Who crafts over on the Make: Craft blog.

Finally, to share with all the geeks in your life, this lovely art piece via Gizmodo on old world translation for modern day social networks. It’s good for a laugh, or at least a smile.

Hope you have a fantastic week! Allons-y!