Welcome to The Waki Librarian!

Hello and welcome to The Waki Librarian! First off, you are probably wondering why it’s named The Waki Librarian. Well, it’s not a typo. It’s a contraction of my last name, Wakimoto, and it’s one of my nicknames. It seems to fit the librarian world and bibliosphere as well because librarians are fearless, innovative and, yes, even waki!

I suppose also I should explain the purpose of this blog. Basically this blog is a place to find awesome new online resources and news about the library world, specifically focusing on applying technology in the library, usability, accessibility and anything else I think is applicable. Lots of this information can be found on other blogs, but I know a lot of people don’t have time to monitor tons of blogs, so that is where this blog comes in. It will give snippets of some of the great new technology and tools that can be applied right now to your work in your libraries and trends/issues to be aware of in the library sphere. And, if some of my own research gets thrown in, well consider yourself warned.

So read along, subscribe, comment and let’s make this blog into a great online community space.

Come join The Waki Librarian!